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# GeoGebra

GeoGebra (opens new window) (GG) is a powerful dynamic mathematics application for all levels of education that combines geometry, algebra, spreadsheet, grapher, statistics and infinitesimal calculation into a single easy-to-use software. The GeoGebra community is growing exponentially with millions of users based in many countries. GeoGebra has become the leading provider of software for advanced mathematics, science support, technology, engineering and mathematics and innovations in teaching and learning around the world.

# Installation

GeoGebra applications can be used offline for iOS (opens new window), Android (opens new window), Windows (opens new window), Mac, Chromebook and Linux.

We also advise you that all installers are subject to the non-commercial license. If you intend to install GeoGebra on several devices, you may be interested in GeoGebra Mass Installation.

# Features

  • Geometry, Algebra and Spreadsheet are connected and fully dynamic
  • Ease of use of the interface with many powerful features
  • Innovative tool for creating interactive learning resources in the form of web pages
  • Open source software freely usable by non-commercial users

In the simplest way, you can make constructions containing points, vectors, segments, lines and conics as well as functions, which can then be modified dynamically with the mouse.

# Mathematical representations of GeoGebra

GeoGebra includes three different representations of mathematical objects: a graphical representation, an algebraic representation and a spreadsheet representation. These allow each of the three different representations of mathematical objects to be displayed: graphical (e. g. points, function curves), algebraic (e. g. point coordinates, equations), and in spreadsheet cells.

# GeoGebra applications

We will demonstrate how easy it is to use GeoGebra applications by presenting:

All GeoGebra applications are fully compatible because they are based on the same powerful GeoGebra math engine. Your GeoGebra folders will run in all applications and on all your devices.

# Scientific Calculator

The GeoGebra scientific calculator is available online via this site (opens new window). GeoGebra is a scientific calculator that includes:

  • Calculations using fractions
  • Trigonometric functions: sin, cos, tan
  • Statistical functions
  • Exponential functions and logarithms
  • Mode examen pour les tests

The GeoGebra scientific calculator consists of a header bar, an input bar and a scientific calculation keyboard. The scientific calculator consists of three different keyboards. The keyboards can be switched by selecting the one you want to use.

  • 123 keyboard: provide keys for numbers and basic mathematical operations and symbols. Keys for numbers and basic arithmetic, trigonometric and logarithmic operators are available.
  • f(x) keyboard: provide statistical and other mathematical functions. The keys are used to select other mathematical and statistical functions.
  • ABC keyboard: contains letter keys. It includes alphabetical keys

# Graphing Calculator

The GeoGebra Graphing calculator is available online via this site (opens new window). This graphing calculator gives you the possibility to draw functions and to explore equations.

In or to create a new curve, please type your expression in the input field. The software then traces the representative curve of your expression as you type. For example, you can draw a simple line by typing this expression y = 2x + 3. In order to make the graph more dynamic, you can use parameters instead of constants (as an example, y = ax + b). Add cursors in the parameters by clicking on the relevant buttons or define them yourself by entering a=2 and b=3. If you assign constant values to parameters such as a and b, you will automatically be able to adjust these values using cursors.

Graphing Calculator features include:

  • Representing functions, polar and parametric curves
  • Solving equations with a powerful mathematical engine
  • Experimenting transformations with cursors
  • Calculating derivatives and integrals
  • Making statistics and regressions with fitting lines