# Index

# Here you are

As you know, Virgil is divided into 3 sections:

  • Paradiso: High Level Guides - For Everyone
  • Purgatorio: Entry Level Technical Guides - For Beginners
  • Inferno: Advanced Technical Guide - For Experienced Practitioners

Going from top to bottom increases the level of detail and decreases the level of abstraction.


The Inferno is the part of Virgilio where you will find advanced and detailed guide about every topics that can be related to the Data Science, Machine Learning, or Deep Learning fields.

It's highly recommended to start from the Paradiso or the Purgatorio first, if you have no prior experience or education in the mentioned fields.

It's possible that you've reached this section of Virgilio after days, weeks, or months since you arrived, depending on what your past experience was.

Virgilio sincerely hopes to have been helpful in guiding you in your first steps into the world of Data Science 😃

Now it's time to dive deeper in some of the most important aspects of many real-world Data Science applications!

# The Structure of Inferno

The Inferno is structured to serve two needs:

The first need is to provide a clear picture of the main Data Science applications with respect to the various widely recognized subfields.

This fact is achieved by the division of the guides into 3 main areas (more to come...):

  • Computer Vision
  • Time Series
  • Natural Language Processing


Each of the 3 areas has and "Introductory guide" to get you started in the related area!

The second need is to serve as an "extensible container" for all future practical guides that are created by the Virgilio community and contributors.

This fact is achieved by some additional sections (which will grow with time):

  • Tools (tool or library-specific guides)
  • Soft Skills
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Research
  • ... and more will come!

# Let's start

Now that you know the structure of the Inferno, have a good time esploring all the guides that Virgilio has prepared for you!